Point of Sale, which can be integrated with NetSuite hassle free.

Invoice , customer return , customer payment , stock fullfillment will be synched from Point of Sale to NetSuite.


Point of Sale, which provides real time integration with NetSuite..

Promotions will be synced from NetSuite standard Promotions into point of sale promotions.Customers and items will be synced from NetSuite into Point of Sale.


NetSuite POS your billing software

We are providing a complete solution for your billing and stock requirement. Our billing software/Point of Sale solution also can be easily integrated with NetSuite as well as other ERP’s.

The following features in Point Of Sale (Billing Software), which are integrated with NetSuite transactions.

NetSuite POS Features :

We can do the following transactions in POS which integrates easily with NetSuite and work as POS for NetSuite
  1. Invoice
  2. Customer Return (Item Return)
  3. Customer Payment (Cash/Card)
  4. Inventory Fulfillment (Inventory Stock)
  5. Add Customer
  6. Add Item
  7. Hold Feature
  8. Print Invoice/Return
  9. Reward Points
  10. Promotions
  11. Quantity Pricing Schedules/Line Level Pricing

Following steps will be automatically performed in NetSuite by script

  1. Creation of customer in NetSuite. It is mapped through our customer table in database.
  2. Invoices are synced in NetSuite from database table records.
  3. Customer Payment (Cash/Card) will be generated for respective invoices in NetSuite.
  4. Customer Return Authorization will be generated for the Customer Return in NetSuite.
  5. Customer Refunds will be generated for the respective Invoices in NetSuite.
  6. Inventory Fulfillment in POS, will be mapped as Inventory Worksheet in NetSuite.

Reward Points

  1. We have given the functionality for the users to use Reward Points for better enhancement of the Sale. For Each Purchase, the customer will get some Reward Points.
  2. The points Earned in Current Transaction with Previous Customer Reward Points will be visible separately on the Sales Form.
  3. The setting for giving reward points on Purchases will be stored in NetSuite Custom Record. Hence, customers can use these earned Reward points on the next purchase.


  1. We have given another functionality to the users to use Promotions or Coupons for better enhancement of their Sale. The Customer can show Promotion Coupon Code at POS terminal and can avail discount as per the Coupon Code given.
  2. Promotions will be synced from NetSuite Promotions and stored in the local database to be used in Invoice creation. Hence, Customer can avail the discount by Redeeming the Promotion Code.
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